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We Support Minimum Lot Size and a Historic Distric in Near Northside!

to download the Historic District Designation Petition. Turn in your signed petition or mail it to:

para ver el Petición de Designación de un Distrito Histórico. Por favor, envíela por correo o entregar el petición firmada a:


Avenue CDC Homeownership Center
ATTN: Lionardo Matamores
707 Quitman
Houston, TX 77009

or email info@nearnorthside.org

A group of neighbors is working to create a municipal historic district and minimum lot size restrictions to help protect the charecter of the Near Northside and we need your help.

We are collecting petitions in support of these initiatives and need your support!
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Map of Proposed Near Northside Historic District - click to view larger map

Special Minimum Lot Size
A special minimum lot size area designation prevents lots from being divided below a certain size, which in most cases, prevents redevelopment into townhomes. For example, if 5,000 square feet was established as the special minimum lot size for an area, no lots within that area could be subdivided into lots smaller than 5,000 square feet.

If you have questions about minimum lot size take a look at www.houstonplanning.com or contact Kevin Calfee in the Houston Planning & Development Department at 713-837-7701.

City Historic District
Through this ordinance, the City of Houston offers a process and methods to maintain Houston’s architectural history. The Historic District designation encourages the recognition and protection of neighborhoods with distinct historic character by classifying a specific bounded area historically significant, and keeping new construction in the character of the neighborhood.

If you have questions about city historic districts take a look at www.houstontx.gov/planning/HistoricPres/hist_pres.html

Or contact Diana DuCroz at 713-837-7924

Help us make this happen!
We are gathering petitions to support both of these protections for this neighborhood. We need 10% of the property owners in our area to sign to their support for either of these processes to move forward.

Please contact us if you would like to sign these petitions, or if you can help us collect petitions from your neighbors. Email info@nearnorthside.org or call 713-304-9837 to get in touch.

After we submit the application(s) the city will mail ballots to all property owners in our area. To get Minimum Lot Size protection we need 55% of owners to mail in votes of support. To get Historic District Protection we need 67% of owners to mail in votes of support.

Please come to a community meeting where we will continue to figure out how to protect the Historic Near Northside: Thursday August 1st at 6pm at Holy Name Church, 1917 Cochran St. 77009.